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Arthan Kitchens not only create beautiful kitchens, but we’re also your top choice for quality bespoke furniture for your home. All of our beautifully crafted furniture blends quality workmanship, beautiful styles, and affordable prices for any budget.

For over 25 years, the team of experts at Arthan Fitted Furniture have been creating superb European furniture for clients across continental Europe and here in the UK. Our wide range of British style furniture complements your home’s aesthetic design and style whilst lasting for many years to come.

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Specialists in Classic Style Furniture

While our bespoke furniture team can create many modern and contemporary furniture styles, our area of speciality has been classic and traditional styles, including period-inspired design styles.

Our skilled experts work with multiple high-quality wood species such as oak, mahogany, rosewood, and walnut to create classic furniture that is both elegant in design and durable thanks to the choice of quality materials and finishes used. All of our work is done with passion and in accordance with our high standards for quality.

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Quality European Workmanship for British Styles

Owing to our decades of history dating back to custom furniture production in Poland, our attention to detail and careful furniture workmanship have been honed to meet the often high demands of European clientele.

Our European-made furniture has been adapted to meet British aesthetic styles, but it fills a specific niche of quality that is often lacking. The high standards of quality in all of our furniture production mean that you’ll enjoy your bespoke furniture for years to come.

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